• Thu. Jun 1st, 2023


Orbs in Pics

Most pictures of me have them

Terrified mum captures snap of evil black-eyed ghost on family day out

Terrified mum-of-three Michelle Mason, 39, from Stoke-on-Trent, Staffs, was shocked to discover the terrifying image of a ghostly child, standing just yards from her two children while on a family…

Can anyone see anything in this picture?

Hi I’m just wondering if you can see anything in this image I have circled what I think I can see , thanks

Unexplained (1)

Taken during our 1st investigation 4-25-15 I was doing a pendulum reading when our photographer caught this. And there isn’t any power in this building. -GwenBPI

Ghost in the Woods

check this out

Apparition caught in pub

Can you see it?

Just to the right of the centre tree

Faces in a Tree

Taken by Debbie McNew in a Cemetry. Copyright Debbie McNew

Mist in the Garden

Taken by Debbie McNew in her garden. Copyright Debbie McNew

Tall Dark Figure from Active Vicarage

The vicarage was very much active mostly from 3 am on wards but it also happened after dark,my son would see a tall dark figure and we caught it on…