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Demons caught on Auction TV Program

Girl in Door Window

hi this pic is my sister taken few weeks bk at around 2am we were a little drunk n messing around,wasnt till the next day lookin at the pics that…

Cheddar Gorge

I was with a group off friends at cheddar gorge, most was cliff climbing and a group of us found a tiny cave, we climbed in and walked to the…

The Fox Inn

This was taken at the pub ‘The Fox Inn’ in Guisborough. Just before this photo was taken, a psychic who was staying in the hotel said she could see a…

Green Orb

It was my sisters birthday today and while i was videoing i saw a green orb thing, not sure if it’s a fly or orbb :’)

Edgcombe, Cornwall

Taken at mount edgcombe cornwall. Dark figure to right of bench. Didnt notice until looking through holiday snaps.

Worlton Castle Face

Hey, I wanted to share this picture. We went camping at Worlton Castle in Swainby and I had a horrible feeling somebody was watching me so I decided to take…

Any suggestions on what this is?

I found this pic, looks like a guy standing near the chair?


In my room, because was hurting a friend Of mine, so, i took care.

Ghost in the mirror


Found this, thought you might like it!

Pecks Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois

This photograph was taken at Pecks Cemetery in Decatur, Illinois. The cemetery is a well known haunted location. There was no one in the area when this was taken: Josh…


During our very first investigation, there is a skull that was captured during a pendulum session. It’s located towards the bottom left of pic. Not the big white looking thing,…

Face in the Wardrobe

Male ghost which haunted my girlfreinds bedroom moving objects including tipping a set of draws over has now been removed by a medium Face can be seen in the wardrobe

Ghost Dog

i have got a pic of my dad and 2 dogs but to the side of him there is another dog can amy 1 else see it please x

Figure in Fridge

Please look at the one with the baby and the black shadow. My sister took a photo of her son trying to get in fridge for goodies and there is…