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Small Town Haunting

We felt surrounded while investigating this cemetery. I just didn’t realize how close. This is actually me standing there.

Lady Gaga

This is a picture of lady gaga from a couple of years ago…

Drum Castle Ghost

STAFF at a 700-year-old Scottish castle believe they have captured a ghost on camera. The spooky image was recorded on the motion-activated webcam at Drum Castle, Aberdeenshire. The National Trust…


There is an Orb in this photo of me & my mate.

Backyard Ghost

The story behind this image is that of a lady who had seen a ghostly figure in her backyard on numerous occasions. She eventually managed to take this picture. The…

Walnut Farm Haunting

This was captured by my group The Keepers of Lost Souls Paranormal Investigators while investigating a walnut farm in California.

Top of a Cave

Having looked back over our family holiday pics i noticed something coming out of the top cave in this photograph, thoughts please.

Is this lens flare?

Found this picture, what do you think?

Light or Ghost?

Took this the other week look behind the old dude

Pluckley Kent

Female Ghost


is this?????


My girlfriend showed me this pic of her niece an nephew… Looks like thy had a visitor…

Clearing at the Denver Press Clubin 1997

Clearing at the Denver Press Clubin 1997

Orb caught on camera

Please help!!

What is going on in my picture???

St Georges Day, 2011

This pic was taken in my pub st George’s day 2011. we could not explain it. it is not the reflection of my partner taking the pic. we had a…