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Brother in Law House

Feb 27, 2015

My brother in law moved into a rented house a few years back with his two step daughters and his girlfriend. We never liked that house! One night my partner and I were upstairs alone whilst his brother and girlfriend were asleep downstairs. We were talking when we heard someone whispering his name, assuming it was them pissing about we ignored them. This continued for a while much to our annoyance so decided to pretend to be asleep thinking they’d get bored and stop. Which the whispers did that is until the door opened on its own, thinking they we still messing about I got up to see no one there. Thinking it was the wind I put my backpack against the door and climbed into bed only the door was trying to open again forcin itself against the door, by now we’d had enough and got up to confront our relatives only to find them fast asleep. Sure you’re thinking we are over reacting everyone else thought it was funny that is until my mother in law started seeing someone in the kitchen as well as when we pulled up in he car we saw something in the window upstairs. Still nothing was said to the kids as not to scare them. Then my eldest niece began playing with her imaginary friend a boy in the living room and talking to a “police man” in her bedroom at night. However the worst night for me was wen watching tv my other half suddenly got up and ran outside. Shaken he said he’d seen a boy run across the room. I tried to calm him down and left him talking with his brother to watch the telly, that’s when I saw the door open on its own, stop part way mid swing and then close very slowly. I soon joined them outside. I am so glad they’ve moved out and I don’t have to go there anymore.

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