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Big Man

Mar 16, 2016

A couple of yrs ago i lived in a flat, a few strange things had happened but nothing i was scared of. One night i woke with a really strange feeling but was desperate for a wee so i woke my parter so he could wait at the door for me (dont no why i did this as i ad never done it before) i walked out the bedroom (from which u can See strait to the living room and Kirchen (its a flat) and took 1 step, i looked strait into the livingroom and stood there was a big built man just lookin at me, he was young and had a shirt on and Jeans with an over grown skinhead, i tried my hardest to scream but nothing came out! My partner tried to push me as hed Not Seen anything, which made me frantic and told Him theres someone there, he just ran into the bedroom and left me as(something i still dont forgive him for now) the man looked so real i thought We were being burgaled so when i could actually move i rang my dad to Come and check the place for someone hiding but he found nothing. After that seeing people became frequent. I always thought ghosts were seethrough ??

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