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Feb 7, 2019

when I was younger, my sister and me lived in a house in primrose hill, Stockton and believed there was a ghost (which we called Betty). Every now and then we’d have the feeling of someone in our bedroom, and accepted that there was a ghost. one time my sister was sat on her bunk and I was having a smoke out of the window when our wooden CD rack flew off the top of the wardrobe. It scared us a bit to be sure but we just said Betty behave and nothing happened for the rest of our time in the house.
Another thing that happened was that my elder sister’s boyfriend sat up in bed one night and started talking to a man, even though he was the only male in the house at the time. We found out from neighbours later that it an elderly man had died in my sister’s bedroom. That was the first and last time the male spirit was ever seen.

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