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A few Stories

May 2, 2012

Although people dont tend to believe me other than my mum I have seen a few “ghosts” or whatever they might be. The night my grandad died I saw him sitting on the chair in my lounge. I always got on well with him and it was a lovely warm atmosphere within the room. On another occasion the sane room had a terrible atmosphere I felt scared but didn’t know why then I saw my dead uncle someone I hadnt spoken to or had contact with since he punched me a year before he died. Another tale from my house in my baby girls room she always used to stare at the back corner of her room saying who’s that mummy, the room always smelt of ladies perfume whenever she was staring. Our house was built in the 1930s I have been through the deeds and not found anything that would explain this but guess the land has been here longer

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