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4pm Christmas Morning

Nov 5, 2018

We used to live in a 1970’s built house in Dorset. The first night we slept there I put the double mattress on the floor in the front bedroom. My son had the middle bedroom next to ours, he was only 22 months at this time and he had a mattress on the floor. It was the middle of November and very cold and windy outside. I left the heating on all night to keep the house warm, we had let all the air out of the radiators so they were very hot. in our bedroom it was freezing cold even though the radiator was hot, I said to my hubby that I could sence something in the room with us, he just laughed and said “when yer dead yer dead end of”, me being sensitive to this kind of thing new otherwise. I woke up with a start as there was someone stood at the side of me, I could see PJ bottoms and slippers, I thought it was my son, so told him to go back to bed, then I realised that my son had gone to bed in a sleep suit which covered his feet to keep them warm. I shot out of bed and ran into his bedroom, he was quietly snoring, I went downstairs and checked the doors, It was only 4am, so I went back to bed, I told my hubby in the morning.
Over the next 6 months we redecorated the whole house, so my son’s bedroom changed to the front bedroom. My son used to come downstairs and say an old man was reading a story to him when he woke up early and played in his room. We had lived there for 4years when one day I was talking to my neighbour across the road and I mentioned that the front bedroom was always cold and she told me that the previous owners father had died in that bedroom at 4pm Christmas morning the year before we moved in. We moved from there a year later we never felt threatened by him and we found out that the old man had 9 grandchildren and loved reading them stories. My son is now 18 years old and he can still remember the old man.

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