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3 Stories for you

Apr 5, 2015

I have many experiences I want to share but I believe I should share these three stories first. A little background; my family on my father’s side has always been know to have paranormal experiences and that unfortunately was passed on to me and my sister.

My first story I want to share :

I used to live in a very haunted house prior to moving to my current home. When we were having our house built, the entire neighbourhood was empty with a few houses still in construction. The only other people living with us in our entire neighbourhood at the time were our next door neighbours. During the first few months of construction my family felt strange. There were huge amounts of ravens that would just sit on the houses that were in construction. Everywhere there were ravens and they almost looked like a black cloud every time they took flight. There were no other animals around except a couple rabbits and the huge group of ravens. No stray cats, no wandering dogs, nothing. After some time these ravens kind of disappeared.

Over time we noticed that some strange paranormal activity started to pick up. We started getting strange feelings and started to experience similar phenomena from our old house. So my mom, sister and I decided to do a cleanse by going out back on the porch to pray and light a candle. It was night time so only whatever the candle illuminated could be seen. While my mother was praying to banish any negative energy we hear a strange noise. There was this strange loud meowing that was surrounding us. The meowing got louder and louder. Suddenly a grey cat appeared and it left us feeling worse than how we felt about the ravens!

After the grey cat we kinda moved on and tried not to make anything of it. Inside the house I started to see cats out the corner of my eye. My family didn?t have cats so why was I seeing them in the house? After a while the grey cat started to regularly come to our house to be fed?Then came along a white cat, then a yellow one, then a black one ( who only comes at night, disappears by day and only answers to ?Noche?), then a calico. We ended up bringing in and keeping twelve kittens from the gray cat (who is now spayed). The yellow cat disappeared. The weirdest one of the bunch is Noche. Noche only appears at night.

My sister and I do a morning walk that starts before sunrise. So while we walk in the morning it is still pitch black outside. Noche will follow us around the neighborhood as we walk. The moment the sun comes up he will literally vanish. As soon as the sun goes down all I have to do is call ?Noche? and he comes running from the darkest parts of the yard. The first time I met him, I called him that and he responded to it since that very first time. All my indoor cats who I call by name don?t even respond or follow me unless I have food but this cat KNOWS his name. Every night he comes to my window sill and sits by it. He will meow until I tell him goodnight. He only likes people food and detests cat food. I love the cat dearly but he is a weird one! Were the cats somehow sent to us to protect our home? I read somewhere that cats ward off evil but is it true?

My second story :

On to the next story. It was Fourth of July in Florida. Although it was night time, it was quite bright outside because it was very foggy and the street lights reflected off of the fog giving the night sky a weird glow. Me, my husband and my father were outside shooting bottle rockets. These bottle rockets were firing without a problem and we were having a blast. Suddenly all three of us noticed this strange humanoid black mass hovering above the roof of our house roughly 10-15 feet above. The black mass was somewhat cloudy but darker than black. It was almost like a void.

There was an ominous presence about it that made us feel some unease. We chalked it up to the fog and continued to fire the bottle rockets. I got a sudden feeling from the mass. The feeling was that it was angry at us for firing the bottle rockets and that it was going to try yo hurt us. Suddenly a bottle rocket that was facing the opposite direction of me flew up and somehow managed to whiz directly at my head. I ducked and ran. This happened twice. Mind you these rockets were being fired 20 feet away and pointing directly at the street AWAY from my garage door which was where I was standing. Needless to say I retired for the night and didn?t participate in bottle rockets any more.

My third story :

My last story involves a large black entity that lives in the woods outside our home. My family believes the reason we see so much weird stuff is because the land our neighbourhood was built on was woods. We believe these beings we encounter once resided in the woods that were destroyed to make our neighbourhood. Behind our neighbourhood is a large recreation park. Our neighbourhood and the recreational park are surrounded by miles of dense woods and swampy areas. Anyways this being is often seen outside our chain link fence in the back yard. It is a large black being that has appeared in our dreams and has shown itself a couple times to me and other members of the family.

When this creature is present it scares the crap out of our three dogs. The being likes to knock on doors and windows but cannot come into the house (thank God!). We notice that it keeps coming to the fence every night when we let the dogs out one last time to potty before everyone goes back inside for bed time. My husband and I decided to sit down outside with one of the dogs while she did her potty business out back. She kept barking and her hair stood up on her back. She is a big dog not afraid of the bears or coyotes that live in the woods behind our house. We knew she was genuinely spooked. She is a 140 lb Newfie who is not afraid to show her teeth. That was when I saw the black entity bouncing off the tops of the trees like a bird. It disappeared into the shadows of the tree and I saw nothing but my husband and I felt watched. Then we noticed that our dog started attacking the fence. She suddenly backed away from the fence and tried desperately to herd us back into the house. We heard loud footsteps trudging away. We shined a flashlight immediately in the direction of the footsteps but saw nothing. Is this the same entity as the bottle rockets? Does this thing not like us for taking away it?s wooded home? A nature spirit? Demon? I am planning on documenting these strange occurrences with digital cameras, recorders and hopefully infrared or night vision cameras as well. I hope to capture evp?s to share along with my stories

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