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250 Year Old House

Jan 12, 2018

Along time ago, when I was still at school and living at home with my Mum in a 250yr old house. One morning Mum had left early for work and had left me in bed watching TV as it was too early to get ready for school. My bedroom was at the front of the house and had the airing cupboard in it. My TV at the time was a small old fashioned portable with a really stiff on/off button which would make a loud click. Twice ‘something’ turned the TV off with a loud click. Then my phone in my room rang twice (before mobile phones) each time no-one there. Then Mum’s phone rang in her room twice (separate line) and again no one there. By then I was up so thought I would have a soak in the bath – no hot water. Ok, I’ll have a shower (electric shower) power to the shower but no hot water. All very strange but did not freak me at the time as it’s a very old house – until I got back from school later and found that the wire to the immersion which was in my bedroom had burnt out! And the shower was now working fine! Whatever it was was obviously trying to get me out of the bedroom/ house. Mum has a photo of the house which was taken in the 1920’s with a man and wife and their grown up daughter standing in front of it. After her parents died she moved across the road and hung her self. In the picture, in what is now Mum’s bedroom is a very clear transparent face peering out under the half net curtain. Mum still lives there and nothing else has happened strange to this day.

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