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  • IPRA Speaks @ Klas Restaurant | “Believe” 10K Celebration Party 2014

IPRA Speaks @ Klas Restaurant | “Believe” 10K Celebration Party 2014

Lady Figure

Just been going through my pictures since I saw this page to see If I could see anything on any of them and only noticed like a lady in a…

Orb or Not?

What do you think?

Ghost Hunt at Scary Haunted Mission! ? Real EVP Caught on Tape! ? (DE Ep. 56)

EVP Captured at Hoffmann Kiln Langcliffe

Man with the Missing Finger

I got with my ex roughly a year after his mums partner had passed, 7 months into our relationship I was suffering with depression and used to regularly see this…


Haunted Finders New Series Preview 2014

Haunted Terrace House

when my children were small I lived in a old terraced house that was haunted. Every night at around 9pm a girl used to go across the dining room and…

Ghost Hunting Hill House Manor ?Scary EVP Caught on Tape! (DE Ep. 55)

Ghost Man on Country Road

Me and my friends were driving back from Ashby to hugglesscote there’s a bad junction anyway I was texting on my fone looked up and clear as day was a…

Paranormal Investigation Vlog: Haunted Hill House Manor with Dead Explorer!