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Month: September 2012

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Ghost Box – Tippecanoe Battlefield

Grandad and Uncle

When I was about 18 I saw my grandad & uncle at the end of my bed my uncle had on the same clothes he had worn the last time…

Christmas Orb

Chrsitmas Orb

Haunted School House: Real Paranormal Investigation!!! (DE Ep 21)

Ghost Boy Called Matthew

We have a little boy (who we named mathew) who stays upstairs. He has been spotted in what is now my brothers bedroom and spotted on the stairs many times…

IPRA Speaks @ PKC 2012 Cancer Benefit

Haunted Village Ice Cream Parlor Lebanon Ohio 2 – PPI 4-20-12

Attention! Paranormal TV Pilot Call for Submissions!

Spirit Caught On Camera In Haunted Eloise Asylum

Scary True Ghost Story! Real Life Haunted Hotel! (DE Ep. 20)


Smoke or Lady?

Party at friend looking thru pics and there’s like a lady people think its smoke I think it’s a lady!