• Thu. Oct 6th, 2022

2 Dead Brothers

Sep 20, 2010

Always been sensitive to spirits but once id moved out and started a family of my own it fell apart the apartment had a sinister feel it was me and my 5 month son went through madness getting pulled down the bed . Punched where u never felt the impact but the mark n pain would arrive ! Biten ! Lights on and off ! Hear people running around ! Pinned down ! Wardrobes slamming pots thrown about always when u left the room tho !

Got so bad dvd case and highchair slung around even when trying to leave the spirits would bang on the car windows ! Every medium we rung refused to help they said i needed a priest ! You couldnt even walk in the apartment without feeling something evil !

In the end i had to move they werent after me apparently they loved the land they were 2 brothers that had been dead along time it scarred me for a long time i couldn’t be on my own but now i believe in god as prayers and angels were the only thing that helped !

Stay positive to anyone who is or has gone through what i did that vulnerable feeling does go away!

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