• Fri. May 27th, 2022

Twin Paranormal – The Demon that Remembers Me – The Cobb Mansion – Spirit Talker App

We returned to the most haunted place we know of in hopes of finishing what we started a year ago, will we finally get answers this time or will we…

EVP RECORDER – Spotted: Ghosts Android App

** This is a test release – I am currently monitoring this release for bugs ** This is a handy tool to have with you when doing Paranormal Investigations or…

Project Amber – That “Ghost” Girl in the Woods – Late Night Tales 3

3 years on, CJ from Project Amber revisits his story of the “ghost” girl and delves a little further into that very strange encounter with a bald girl with no…

Spirit Talker – Haunted Finders & Spotted: Ghosts Mobile App

The Spirit Talker works in a similar way to the world famous Ovilus device. It produces words and speech based on what the sensors in your phone are detecting. The…


** HUGE UPDATE COMING SOON IN 2021 ** Our All in 1 Ghost Hunting Kit is now available!! Featuring our new EMF Detector, the SG3 Spirit Box and EVP Recorder.…


Turn your device into an Augmented Reality Ghost Hunting Kit with the Spotted: Ghosts ARK! With an integrated EMF Meter and Spirit Box, on screen, you can fully optimise this…

Ouija Psychic Terror (Funny)

Ghost in my Apartment


Working in collaboration with infraready (http://www.infraready.co.uk), we have made an app version of their ITC Decision Maker Prototype (https://www.infraready.co.uk/shop/itc-decision-maker-electronic-ouija/) Ask a question and press the “GO” button, and see if…

Incredible Poltergeist Activity Caught on Video Camera.

Top 5 Disturbing Ghost Videos

Homeowner captures ghostly creature at her bedside on video while she sleeps

Blankets Caught Moving on a Bed


Our new and improved Electromagnetic Field (EMF) Meter. Uses the Magnetometer that is built into your device, please check to make sure your device has 1 before downloading.

Motion activated cameras in school set off by what appears as a dark shadowy figure

Dog sees a ghost! Real! Caught on tape!