• Sat. Feb 4th, 2023

Paranormal Spirit Music Box App on iOS and Android

If you would like to find out why I made this app, please have a read at THIS LINK After many years of Researching sensor data for lots of different…

Can Ultrasonic Sound Sensors Detect Spirits?

Lots of people are using certain pieces of equipment fitted with an Ultrasonic Sound Sensor to detect “Spirits”. This is great in theory, but can an Ultrasonic sensor actually detect…

The Spirit Talker App tells Tommy a name related to a Book in a former Funeral Parlour

Not only that, it possible he caught a shadow / apparition on camera. Give him a follow HERE

Dave from Haunted Finders hears someone run past them, moments later the Spirit Talker app says “People keep running”

ParanormalXP gave the Spirit Music Box App a try at the Inn on the Falls

Please give them a follow HERE

Got Ghost trying out the Spirit Music Box App in a Haunted Motel

Please check out their channel HERE

Spirit Music Box App goes off during a Spirit Stalkers Residential Investigation

A great investigation by these guys, I would recommend watching all of it, but if your just interested in seeing my Spirit Music Box app in use then fast forward…

Fantasma House Paranormal checked out my Spirit Music Box App

I sent Fantasma House Paranormal a copy of my Spirit Music Box App to give it a try, here are his thoughts. Check out their YouTube channel HERE

Spirits Aren’t At Your Beck and Call!

Paranormal communication is not a scientifically proven field, everything is based on theory. People like myself build tools based on these theories in the hope that the theories can be…

My Prototype “REAL” Paranormal Spirit Music Box using an Arduino board

A quick demo to show people that I did actually make a “REAL” prototype of a Paranormal Music Box from an Arduino kit I bought for about £30. I am…

Testing my Spirit Music Box App next to a KII Meter

I bought a stronger magnet and used it on my Spirit Music Box App and a KII Meter at the same time. In my opinion the EMF Meter in my…

Spotted: Ghosts Spirit Music Box at the Fowler Theatre

Haunted Fowler gave the Spirit Music Box a test at the Fowler Theatre

Haunted Fowler Reviews the Spirit Music Box

Dwight from the Haunted Fowler Theatre just reviewed my Spirit Music Box App, follow his YouTube HERE

Spirit Music Box App is Going Crazy for these People

Was searching YouTube to see if I could find any videos of people using my Spirit Music Box and found this!!

Bryan McGowen From YouTube Tested my Spirit Music Box App

After searching YouTube for a few weeks, I found this guy called Bryan who tests and reviews ghost hunting apps. I sent him a link to get my Spirit Music…

Why I made the Spirit Music Box App

Theres a product that I was thinking of buying called the Para4ce PMB, which is a music box that plays when it detects movement. This is a great idea but…