Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal
Spotted: Ghosts :: The Hunt is on to Find the Truth
Miki and Alex are UK-Haunted. A two man paranormal team who travel all over the UK with the aim to capture real evidence of the paranormal. We use equipment and science to help support our evidence. Is there really life after death?

99% of 'activity' can be explained, we are interested in the remaining 1%!

Follow us on our journey as we aim to show you the truth... What really happens when the lights go off?

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Sherwood Forest Ghost Hunt - Spirits of Nottingham

The Ancient Ram Inn - UK Haunted Return

Clophill - The Return

Houghton House - The Return

Warwick Castle - Charity Ghost Hunt

Demon at the Haunted Museum

Overstone Manor Teaser

Live on Location at Overstone Manor

Overstone Manor

Real Ghost Slamming Cupboard Door

UK-Haunted - Alex Biography

Happy Halloween!

2 Men, 1 Castle Birkwood

Crazy Night at Woodchester Mansion

End of Season Finale...Woodchester Mansion!

Delapre Abbey Halloween Preview

Delapre Abbey!

Halloween Special Preview 2012!

The End of Halloween at Delapre Abbey

On location at Delapre Abbey on Halloween

Halloween Set Up at Delapre Abbey

Tour of Wales 2012 Preview

Outtakes and Bloopers Part 2 Funny Ghosts

UK haunted leave for 'Haunted' Wales!

Ghost Hunting at Ewloe Castle

Camper Van Stuck in the Mud

Denbigh Castle in the Day!

Denbigh Castle here we come!

Real Ghost Cough at Haunted Ewloe Castle

UK-Haunted at Halkyn Cemetery, Alex see's a spirit!

Live Stream from Halkyn Cemetery

Live Stream from Denbigh Castle

Live Stream from Margam Castle

The Boys Leaving Halkyn Cemetery

Upper Floors of Margam Castle

UK-Haunted Season Two Opening Credits

Alex Breathalised by Welsh Police

UK-Haunted Arrive at Ogmore Castle

Alex Climbs Ewloe Castle

Michael on top of Denbigh Castle

Haunted Staircase at Margam Castle

Live Stream from Ogmore Castle

Stuck in the Mud Live!

Alex in Halkyn Cemetery

On the way to Denbigh Castle

Ewloe Castle is lost

Where is Ewloe Castle

Going back to Base Camp

Scary Ewloe Castle

Going home from Denbigh Castle

Live Stream from Boughton Cemetery

Alex from UK-Haunted Does Gangnam Style in Boughton Cemetery!

Remember the Name!

Tom Talks UK-Haunted

Ogmore Castle Trailer

Uk-Haunted in the Very Most Haunted Wales!

UKH-TV Tour of Wales 2012 Part 1

UKH-TV Tour of Wales 2012 Part 2

Uk-Haunted Adventures

Iphone 4 IOS 6 problem fixed on O2 Network

UK-Haunted Visit Santa Claus

Happy Christmas from UK-Haunted!

UK-Haunted, Scary Christmas Ghost in Cemetery

UK-Haunted Search for a Christmas Ghost

UK-Haunted Scary Christmas Ghost

2013 - A Scary Haunted Year

Boughton Cemetery Xmas Ghost

Christmas Ghost at Boughton Cemetery

Ogmore Castle... The Return! Trailer


Emma sings James Arthur!

The Haunted Cromwell Suite

UKH-TV The Scary Hind Hotel

UKH-TV Christmas Ghost at Demonic Boughton Cemetery

UKH-TV The Skirrid Inn

Outtakes and Bloopers Part 3 Funny Ghosts

Most Haunted Scary Ghost Secrets Revealed...

Harvey's Mum, Tina on BBC Radio Northampton this morning

Team Harvey

UK-Haunted Go Into Hell To Find Demons

Haunted Flat? Ghost ORB or Dust? Part 1

Haunted Flat Ghost ORB Part 2

UK-Haunted Real Ghost Manifestation Caught on Camera

UK-Haunted Houghton House Trailer...

UK-Haunted Boys En-Route to Ghostly Ogmore Castle

UKH-TV Bodmin Gaol Ghosts?

UK-Haunted Houghton House Teaser

What's Our Name? UK-Haunted!

Paranormal Activity? Haunted Houghton House EVP Clip

GHOST SWEARS "Kill the C**t" on Spirit Box!

UK-Haunted on the Move

UK-Haunted find Halkyn Cemetery

UK-Haunted in Wales, UK

UK-Haunted on Tour

UK-Haunted in Wales

Lyveden New Bield

UKH-TV Lyveden New Bield Haunted Ghost House

Abington Abbey on Vine

Abington Park Museum

Daughter Gets Mad & Knocks out Daddy!!!

Outtakes and Bloopers Part 4 Funny Ghosts

UK-Haunted Underground Scary Tunnels

Real Spirit Manifestation Caught in Underground Tunnel! MUST WATCH!!!

New Gear!

UK-Haunted Going Underground! Coming Soon!

UK-Haunted Season 3 Opening Credits

Checking out Overstone Hall!

Overstone Hall Preview

Overstone Hall - The Real Story

Season 3 is Coming!

UK-Haunted - Good in any Language!

Ukhaunted 'KILL' vine at the Old Black lion

UK-Haunted Fish Heads!

Boughton Cemetery Live Investigation Part 1

Boughton Cemetery Live Investigation Part 4

Boughton Cemetery Live Part 3

Capture a Ghost in 6 Seconds

UK-Haunted Arrive for Business Event

UK-Haunted Setting Up For Business Event

Sprits Talk to Me on Vine

UK-Haunted Are Going State Side!

Spooky Woods! (Vine clip)

UK-Haunted on TV | USA

UK-Haunted business networking event set up

Outtakes and Bloopers 5

Live from Grace Dieu Priory


Vining at The Falstaff!

Break Time at The Falstaff

Ovilus 3 in Action at Grace Dieu Priory

UK-Haunted Raw and Real Investigating

"Sarah is a Wh***" Ovilus 3

WOW!!! REAL Spirit Answers our Question MUST WATCH!!!

Miki vs. Food

UK-Haunted on the road Pool Park Hospital

UK-Haunted on the road Halkyn Cemetery

UK-Haunted on the road Denbigh Castle

Rhuddlan Castle in 7 Seconds!

Miki Tiptoeing at Ewloe Castle

The Haunted Postern Gate at Denbigh Castle

Denbigh Mental Asylum

Walking Back From the Goblin Tower in Denbigh

UK-Haunted on the top of Denbigh Castle

UK-Haunted on the way to Halkyn Cemetery & Ewloe Castle

UK-Haunted Arrive at Pool Park Hospital

UK-Haunted Filming at Haunted Halkyn Cemetery

Twitter Competition Winners!!!

Facebook Competition Winners!!!

UK-Haunted Official US TV Show Opening Credits

Miki Hates Scary Denbigh Castle

UK-Haunted Cap Twitter Competition

UK-Haunted at Pool Park Mental Asylum

Volcano at The Mirage Las Vegas

TV Poster Twitter Competition

Twitter competition winners!

Ovilus 3 at Town & County Club

Ancient Ram Inn - We have arrived!

UK-Haunted Chat to Mr John Humphries at the Ancient Ram Inn

UK-Haunted & Leicester Paranormal Live EVP at Ancient Ram Inn

The Ram Inn Vine

The Bishop's Room is Locked...Or is it? Ancient Ram Inn

UK-Haunted US TV Preview

Bloopers 6

Finishing up at Drakelow tunnels

John Humphries - Smell Your Fingers! lol

OMG Spirit Moves Plasma Ball!!! MUST WATCH

Raw Footage of Moving Plasma Ball...Please Share!

Out takes at Rhuddlan Castle

Don't Be Scared! Miki's Not...

We Broke Down!

Chilling with Miki and The Ancient Ram Inn

We arrive at the Poltergeist House

Poltergeist! Spiritus Crystal Shop Ghost Hunt Trailer

REAL! GHOST Captured at Clophill Church? UK-Haunted

UK-Haunted live at Old Red House Pub Part 1

UK-Haunted live at Old Red House Pub Part 2

UK-Haunted live at Old Red House Pub Part 3

We arrive at Old Red House Pub

Back into Old Red House


Drakelow Tunnels - Miki on Location

St Crispins Mental Asylum

Drakelow Tunnels Outtakes

UK-Haunted at the Spirit House

Bloopers 7

On the Road to Drakelow Tunnels

Team Drakelow Outtakes

Team Drakelow Outtakes Part 2

#TeamDrakelow on the Hunt!

Drakelow Tunnels Part 1 #TeamDrakelow S03E07

Satan Sadie moves on Nyctophobia Film set

Spirit talking at Drakelow Tunnels using Ovilus 3

Miki at The Hub!

Miki on the Slide!

Miki Reading some Horror Books

Reaper Tattoo Time

The Reaper is Finished

UK-Haunted on the HAUNTED CHANNEL!

Miki Answers your Questions!

UK-Haunted Launch on Haunted Channel

Secret Filming!

Day Filming Done...That's Right!

Miki sees a Ghost!!!

Miki gets Possessed in a Graveyard!

Miki seems to have been taken over!

Wicked Wednesday #2 Haunted Channel

UK-Haunted ALS Ice Bucket Challenge! #DontBeScared

The Cap Winner is...

Packing up at The PictureDrome

Satan Sadie is ready for tonight!

UK-Haunted - A new chapter... #FREAKYFRIDAY is coming

The Falstaff Ghost Hunt FFE01

#FREAKYFRIDAY Week 1 intro


ST Mary's Church - Clophill Ghost Hunt FFE02

Bring on Nottingham castle!

Overstone Hall Ghost Hunt FFE03


Happy Halloween!

At Newstead Abbey

Nyctophobia BBC Radio Northampton Interview

Town & County Club Ghost Hunt FFE04

Denbigh Castle Ghost Hunt FFE05

Miki turns into Beetlejuice

We enter Dr Frights

Devils Dollhouse

Devils Dollhouse

Miki finds Chucky

Spirit leaves Miki's body!!!

ORB at Denbigh castle?


Old Red House Pub Ghost Hunt FFE06

#FREAKYFRIDAY Godstow Abbey Teaser

Godstow Abbey Ghost Hunt FFE07

Pool Parc Mental Asylum GHOST HUNT! FFE08

Arriving at Delapre Abbey

We finish 2 days at Delapre Abbey

Rhuddlan Castle Ghost Hunt FFE09

Grace Dieu Priory Ghost hunt FFE10

Denbigh Castle Cap Winner is....

Miki at Xmas part 1

Miki at Xmas 2

Miki at Xmas 3

Denbigh Cap Winner Draw 2


Camcorder competition winner video!!!

Miki at Xmas 4

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost hunt FFE11

Miki at Xmas 5

Happy New Year

Spiritus Behind the Scenes

Drakelow Tunnels Behind the Scenes

Ewloe Castle Ghost hunt! Demon in the woods FFE12

Grace Dieu Priory Behind the Scenes

The Pirates Graveyard Ghost hunt FFE13

The Poltergeist House Ghost Hunt - Spiritus crystal shop FFE14

#FreakyFriday is coming!...

Horror Film

Miki Thumb update 1

Miki Thumb update 2

Drakelow Tunnels Ghost Hunt FFE15

Pussy vs Snake

Nottingham Vine Adventures

Do it 4 the Vine!

GAC Vine

Miki Thumb update 3

Miki Thumb update 4

Where shall we go?

Miki Thumb update 5

Lost in the Woods

NEW UK Haunted opening titles

Old Victorian School Ghost Hunt

Miki Thumb update 6 Final


The Face of Fear

Chat with Miki

UK Haunted Hunt Sainsbury's

Don't Be Scared...


Miki says Hello

The Block - A day of Filming

Miki #TrimThatBeard

Travel Lodge - Gloucester

Old Red House - Behind the Scenes


At the Emirates - Gooner

Nottingham Castle Ghost Hunt - Spirits of Nottingham

Newstead Abbey - Spirits of Nottingham

PINEAL GLAND, Third eye awakening Activation Frequency 936Hz

Cute Funny Epic Cat!!!

A Day at the Ancient Ram Inn

Miki chats with Annabelle Doll

UK Haunted Series 4 Opening Credits

Alex gets a scare lol

The Falstaff - End of Vigil 1

Break time at The Falstaff

3am Falstaff Walk Round

The Falstaff - End of the Night


UK Haunted pilot part 1

A Sexual Spirit at Spiritus

Radioshack Ghost Box

UK Haunted pilot part 2

UK Haunted pilot part 3


Northampton & County Club Event

UK Haunted pilot part 4 (final)

Dr Frights - Chris and his Blade

Dr Frights - Scary Walk

Dr Frights - Lovely Brandine

Burnt Baby Doll

Aldwych Station Stairs Challenge

Spirits Know Zak Bagans

Behind the scenes of Halloween

30 East Drive - Behind the Scenes

Merry Christmas from UK Haunted??????

Orange #Grigori Cap Winner

Ghost Slams Door!!!

Ghost says C**t

Battle of Naseby #FreakyFriday Coming Soon

Ghost Box Session

Delapre Fox Hunting

Bloopers 8

Bloopers 9

#BoughtonLive part 1

#BoughtonLive part 2 "I'm John"

#BoughtonLive part 3 "In heaven"

Setting up at 30 East Drive

Live Periscope Reveal at 30 East Drive

Outside Intro at 30 East Drive

Pre A or B Reveal at 30 East Drive

Miki Falls Asleep at 30 East Drive

Ancient Ram Inn with John Humphries

Miki Snapchat Q&A 14/4/16

Woman screams "John" in Cemetery

The Spirits are Coming

Walk round Boughton Cemetery

Range Rover Cheater "hope she was worth it"

Aldwych Abandoned Ghost Station


Morecambe Winter Gardens - Behind the Scenes

Attack of the Hull Werewolf - Old Stinker

Haunted Dolls Ghost Box

Town & County Club Event Tour

Break Time at Northampton and County Event

#JanetTheDoll Ghost Box

The Falstaff Ghost Hunt

REAL GHOST captured on SLS Camera

Mental Asylum Walk Around

Live from Mental Asylum

St Crispins Lunatic Asylum P-SB11 Spirit Box

Royal & Derngate Theatre Walk Around

UK HAUNTED Halloween 2015 FULL TV episode (no music)

Janet Haunted Doll Ghost Box

St Crispin Mental Hospital - Urban Exploring

St Crispin Mental Asylum Trailer

#CelebHauntedHotel BBC Radio Interview


Missing Footage of Black Monk House 30 East Drive

London Baby!!! Celebrity Haunted Hotel

Pre Show Filming for Celebrity Haunted Hotel

Winner SnapBack Cap St Crispin Mental Asylum

Charity Hoodie 'Team UK Hanuted' Cynthia Spencer Hospice

The Ghost Squad on Celebrity Haunted Hotel

Tudor World Ghost Hunt

Exploring Mental Asylum

Exploring Abandoned Football Stadium (FIRE)

UK Haunted Laptop Bag Winner

Sessions Court Ghost Hunt S04E08

Grace Dieu Priory Ghost Hunt S04E09

Xmas at Drakelow Tunnels S04E10

Strange Bangs Captured in Prison Cells

Tutbury Castle - Behind the Scenes - Really TV Live Ghost Hunt

Demonic Experiment at the Ancient Ram Inn

UK Haunted go Ghost Hunting with Really TV - Worlds First Live 360 Ghost Experiment

UK Haunted go Ghost Hunting with Really TV - 360 VR Experiment at Tutbury Castle Facebook Live

live 360 test

360 Full Spectrum Camera! (Night Vision - Ghost Hunting)

VR ghost hunt 360 degrees in night vision - in a real haunted pub

SLS Camera Ghost Hunt in Haunted Abandoned Pub (360 Night Vision)

Ghost Chat

UK Haunted - The Best of Series 1

Arrived at the Falstaff Ghost Hunt

The falstaff Tudor world GROWL EVP?

Falstaff Ghost Hunt

Getting Attacked at a Haunted Asylum

This is me! Sign language version (The greatest showman)

Olight H1 Nova Headlamp - Product Review

UK Haunted at Grendon Hall - Ghost Hunt

officialukhaunted Live Stream

UK Haunted Live VT John at The Falstaff

Live Ghost Hunt Chat

Olight H1 Nova Headlamp Competition!!!

We have a Winner! - Olight Headlamp Competition

#UKHauntedLive - Halloween 2018 - Behind the Scenes

#UKHauntedLIVE - The Ancient Ram Inn - (behind the scenes)

UK Haunted Bloopers 10

officialukhaunted Live Stream

officialukhaunted Live Stream

UK Haunted live at the Abington Park museum ghost hunt

CCTV FEEDS UK HAUNTED LIVE at the Haunted Museum in Nottingham

Haunted Old People's Home

UK Haunted Falstaff Ghost Hunt

Para Chat??????
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