Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal Spotted: Ghosts :: Pictures, Stories and Videos of the Paranormal
Spotted: Ghosts :: The Hunt is on to Find the Truth
Hi, my name is Amy! Welcome to Amy's Crypt. This channel focusses on horror and exploring all things creepy from around the world. Join me as I travel to bring you paranormal investigations from the world's most haunted locations. You'll also find ghost stories, scary urban legends, monsters and a bit of urban exploration.

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Overnight in HAUNTED CABIN at Teacher's Camp | Baguio, Philippines

Looking for REAL DJINNS at HAUNTED Fortress | Feroz Shah Kotla

REAL GHOSTS on Camera in Colombia?!? Most Haunted Places in Bogota

I stayed at the HAUNTED Teacher's Camp in the Philippines AND THIS HAPPENED....

Ancient PYRAMID GATEWAY to the UNDERWORLD | Teotihuacan, Mexico

360? GHOST Hunting in HAUNTED CEMETERY | Kapunda, South Australia

Contacting the HANGMAN | Scary HAUNTED Gallows at Hobart Convict Penitentiary

IT MOVED | 30 Minutes ALONE in Haunted Prison Cell

MOST HAUNTED Prisons | INTENSE Paranormal Activity

Red Eyes in Haunted UNDERGROUND Cell | Hobart Convict Penitentiary Ghosts!

CRAZY Spirit Responses at Australia's Most HAUNTED CEMETERY | Kapunda St. John's Cemetery

Summoning BLOODY MARY | DON'T Repeat Her Name!

5 SCARIEST GHOST TOWNS in the World | Most HAUNTED Abandoned Towns

Australia's Most HAUNTED CEMETERY | GHOST Hunting in Kapunda's St. John's Cemetery

Searching for The ANGEL OF DEATH at HAUNTED Toowong Cemetery

SHOCKING!!! I Saw a Psychic | FAIL

Playing the CLOSET GAME | Scary Paranormal Game at Home

Talking to the GHOST CHILDREN | Return to HAUNTED Anstey Hill

Amy's Crypt LIVE Q&A | Some GOOD News, Reveal and the Future

The HOSTING GAME | Conjuring BAD SPIRITS in my House During Quarantine!

POSSESSION + DEATH RITUALS | 5 Most Haunted Places Mumbai, India

Hunting a VAMPIRE in a HAUNTED Cemetery | Paranormal Investigation Toowong Cemetery

ABANDONED MANSION of DARK Rituals | Scariest Night at Istana Woodneuk, Singapore

CREEPIEST Tunnel + HAUNTED Mansion | Lenna of Hobart, Tasmania Paranormal Investigation

REAL HAUNTED Mansion | GHOSTS in the Tower | Lenna of Hobart, Tasmania

5 TRUE Travel HORROR Stories | My SCARY Personal Experiences

ABANDONED SATANIC Mansion in Jungle | Haunted Istana Woodneuk Mansion, Singapore

OUIJA Board at Ghost Hole Mine | Paranormal Investigation with @Haunted Down Under

DID SHE HOLD MY HAND? Talking to a GHOST Child | HAUNTED Australian Hotel

360? GHOST Hunt in a REAL HAUNTED House | SCARY Paranormal Investigation

My REAL GHOST Sightings | 5 Times I Saw Something Unexplainable

I FILMED Myself Sleeping in a HAUNTED Hotel | MOST HAUNTED Room of the Australian Hotel

DON'T ENTER the Black Water in this HAUNTED Stepwell | Agrasen Ki Baoli, India

Is There Something in the Woods at CASTLE BLACKSTONE? | GHOSTS of Queensland, Australia

CREEPY Valentine's Day GHOST STORIES | 3 Tragic Haunted Love Stories

Locals FEAR This Haunted House in Aussie Outback | SCARY Paranormal Investigation

BLOOD STONE BEACH Legends | GHOSTS of WWII | Corregidor Island, Philippines


This Place is CURSED! | Investigating a HAUNTED, ABANDONED Village in Mumbai, India

ANGRY SPIRITS Roam This HAUNTED Cemetery | Mental Asylum Graves | Goodna Cemetery, Queensland

5 CREEPY GHOST Encounters in Australia | Real Paranormal Evidence Caught on Tape

Real Ghost Stories From The Old Adelaide Gaol

Amy's Crypt - Explorer of all things creepy, haunted and the paranormal

10 Most Haunted Places In Las Vegas

Urban Legends and Hauntings of Sutro Baths

Bodie, California: The Curse and Ghost Stories of a Real Ghost Town

Moss Beach Distillery Ghost Story - The Blue Lady

Z Ward Adelaide Ghosts: Paranormal Investigation With Evidence

The Haunted Adelaide Arcade Ghost Stories

Dark History of Angel Island | San Francisco | Ghost Stories and Urban Exploration

Haunted Alcatraz: Ghost Stories From The Rock

A Night in the Lizzie Borden Murder House - Ouija Board Communication

The Stanley Hotel | Room 217 | Ghost Tour & Paranormal Investigation | REDRUM!

Haunted Merchant's House In New York City - Paranormal Activity Captured

HAUNTED DOLL ISLAND | The Island of The Dolls | Mexico

MUMMY MUSEUM | World's Smallest Mummy!!! | Guanajuato, Mexico

HAUNTED PLACES in NEW YORK | New York City Ghost Stories

GHOST TOWN in Mexico | Misnebalam, Mexico | Amy's Crypt

Chichen Itza Haunted by Human Sacrifices

Ghost Stories of Mission San Antonio De Padua, California

Xunantunich: Haunted Mayan Ruins in Belize

Haunted Honduras: San Fernando Omoa Fort Paranormal Investigation

Haunted San Lucas Prison, Costa Rica: Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Costa Rica Church Ruins: Las Ruinas De La Parroquia

Duran Sanatorium - Paranormal Investigation in Abandoned Asylum, Costa Rica

Haunted Hotel in Lima, Peru - Gran Hotel Bolivar - Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Real Felipe Fortress Lima, Peru - Paranormal Ghost Stories & History

Tata Duende Caught On Tape! - Mythical Creature of Belize

Haunted Humberstone Ghost Town In Chile

Haunted House of Aunt Toña - Mexico City Ghost Story

Haunted La Noria | Chile Ghost Town with Creepy Cemetery | EXPOSED GRAVES

Most Haunted Places in Salem Massachusetts

Haunted Eden Hotel, Argentina - EVP caught on tape!

The Greenwich Foot Tunnel - Haunted Places in London

REAL VAMPIRE LEGEND | Highgate Cemetery, London

Haunted Operating Room - The Old Operating Theatre Museum, London

Haunted Gran Hotel Viena - Ghost Hunting in Miramar, Argentina

Haunted La Recoleta Cemetery Buenos Aires - Rufina Cambaceres Death

Friday 13th Short Horror Film - Birmingham Vampire

Aston Hall Ghost Stories - Haunted Places in Birmingham UK

Tower of London Ghost Stories | Haunted Castles of England

Haunted Castle Wales | Creepy Urban Exploration at Candleston Castle

York Ghost Tour: Most Haunted Places in York England

Ancient Ram Inn Investigation - Demonic Activity 666 Caught on Tape (2018)

Margam Castle Ghosts - Haunted Castles in Wales

The Skirrid Inn Paranormal Investigation | Ghost Hunting (Evidence Captured)

Most Haunted Places in Mexico City

Chillingham Castle Ghosts, Torture Chamber and Dungeon

Chillingham Castle Paranormal Investigation Overnight

Denbigh Castle Ghost | Haunted Castle Wales

London Viaduct Tavern Haunted

Haunted Places in Glasgow | Cathedral House Hotel Glasgow Ghosts

Glasgow Necropolis at Night | Gorbals Vampire & Ghosts

Dublin Hellfire Club Stories & Paranormal Investigation | Haunted Ireland

The Nun True Story | Valak The Demon | Abbey of St. Carta Romania

Haunted Castle | Leap Castle, Ireland | Ghost Stories & Paranormal Investigation

Haunted Cemetery Scotland | Greyfriars Bobby & The Kirkyard Poltergeist

Pendle Hill Witches | Paranormal Investigation | The Lancashire Witch Trials

OVERNIGHT in a REAL Haunted Cabin in the Woods | Scary Mary | Glenmalure Hostel

Horror Movies Filming Locations LA | Halloween, A Nightmare on Elm Street & More!

6 Most Haunted Places in San Diego | Ghost stories, Haunted House, Hotels & Cemetery

Haunted Golden Fleece Inn York England | Paranormal Investigation | Most Haunted Inn

The Witches Pond | Most Haunted Places | Bucharest, Romania

Haunted Corvin Castle | Dracula Legends | Transylvania Romania

The Real Dracula's Grave | Snagov Monastery | Haunted Romania

Bran Castle | Haunted by Dracula? | Transylvania Romania Ghosts

HALLOWEEN SPECIAL | Overnight at DRACULA'S CASTLE | Poenari Castle, Transylvania (2018)

Exploring a Haunted Town and Cemetery in Transylvania | Sighisoara, Romania

Exploring a HAUNTED CASTLE in Transylvania | Banffy Castle, Bontida

OVERNIGHT in World's Most HAUNTED FOREST | Hoia Baciu Forest Romania - Part 1

OVERNIGHT in World's Most HAUNTED FOREST | Hoia Baciu Forest Romania - Part 2

Inside a CREEPY BONE CHURCH | Sedlec Ossuary, Czech Republic


Elizabeth Bathory: BLOOD COUNTESS | True Story | Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

Elizabeth Bathory Castle | PARANORMAL INVESTIGATION | Cachtice Castle, Slovakia

5 MOST HAUNTED PLACES IN PRAGUE | Ghosts of the Czech Republic

HAUNTED TUNNEL | Labyrinth of Buda Castle | Budapest, Hungary

Haunted Castle | DUNGEON & TORTURE CHAMBER | ?agów, Poland

OVERNIGHT in a TORTURE CHAMBER | Paranormal Investigation | Lagow, Poland

Legend of Krampus | Krampuslauf 2018 | Salzburg, Austria

Krampus Run 2018 | ATTACKS AT KRAMPUSLAUF | Salzburg, Austria

Exploring an ABANDONED CHILDREN'S HOSPITAL | Berlin, Germany

CREEPY BASEMENT of Abandoned Children's Hospital | Paranormal Investigation | Berlin, Germany

PORTAL TO HELL | Exploring Houska Castle, Czech Republic

Exploring a CREEPY GOTHIC CEMETERY | Salzburg, Austria

HAUNTED PARIS | 8 Most Haunted Places in Paris, France

Haunted Castle & Forest in Germany | Burg Wolfsegg

Haunted Beach | NIGHTTIME INVESTIGATION | Dumas Beach, India

DEMONIC DWARVES, Murder & Possession in WROCLAW, Poland

Paranormal Investigation in Haunted Park | Tuileries Garden, Paris

Haunted Places in Vienna, Austria | Creepy Catacombs

FAMOUS GRAVES and Ghost Stories | Père Lachaise Cemetery, Paris France

Bhangarh Fort | MOST HAUNTED Place in India


5 CREEPY Paranormal Videos | REAL Evidence Caught on Camera (2019)

Most Haunted Places in Delhi | Scary DJINN Ghost Stories

Scary Cemetery AT NIGHT | Haunted Lothian Cemetery | Delhi, India

Marie Antoinette Ghost Stories | Haunted Palace of Versailles | France

5 Most Haunted Places in Rome, Italy

The Cemetery WAS ON FIRE!!! | Haunted Graveyard in Vietnam

SCARY MORGUE in Abandoned Hospital | HAUNTED Clark Airbase Hospital

Basement and Morgue of Abandoned Hospital | Haunted Clark Airbase Hospital

Is This Bridge EVIL and CURSED? | Haunted Holkar Bridge Pune, India

SECRET CATACOMBS & The Black Church | Brasov, Romania's Dark Side

OVERNIGHT in a HAUNTED Hotel | Bangkok, Thailand | Baiyoke Sky Hotel

SCARIEST Places in MILAN | Mark of the DEVIL in Italy

Night in a REAL Haunted Mansion | SCARY AND ABANDONED! | Bukit Tunku KL

BLOOD STREET | HORROR and GHOSTS of Blutgasse Vienna, Austria

HAUNTED PRISON CELL | Crazy Spirit Box Responses! | Bangkok, Thailand

SCARIEST CEMETERIES in the World | DO NOT Visit These Places Alone!

King's Ghost in Jaipur | Haunted Nahargarh Fort

Scary Night in a HAUNTED ABANDONED SCHOOL | Shih Chung Branch School

REAL GHOST caught on camera? | HAUNTED TUNNEL underneath Baguio

REAL PET CEMETERY | Animal Ghost Stories From Around the World

HUMAN BONE FOUND in World's Weirdest Cemetery | Bangkok, Thailand

HAUNTED Bangkok Cemetery at Night | Creepy Paranormal Investigation

TORTURE DUNGEON Scary Spirit Responses | Fort Santiago Manila, Philippines

NOTRE DAME Fire, Ghosts and the Devil | Haunted Paris, France


Is This ABANDONED FILM SET HAUNTED? Crag Hotel | Penang, Malaysia

Amy's Crypt Live Q&A | The Future

Paris Catacombs Ghosts | Gateway to Hell

Paris Catacombs Forbidden | SCARY GHOST Evidence Captured in Paranormal Investigation

Searching for DRACULA'S GHOST | Vlad Tepes Haunted Places

OLD DIPLOMAT HOTEL Paranormal Investigation | Haunted Baguio | Collab w/ Sir Spooks

The Old Diplomat Hotel AT NIGHT!!! | Haunted Philippines | Part 2 Paranormal Investigation

SCARY Sydney Quarantine Station AT NIGHT! | Paranormal Investigation

Sydney Quarantine Station | DEMON, POLTERGEIST AND MORGUE | Part 2

HAUNTED WWII Underground Hospital | MALINTA TUNNEL Corregidor Island, Philippines

5 REAL Paranormal Evidence Caught on Camera | World's Most Haunted Places

"66 People Died Here" | HAUNTED Changi Beach, Singapore

Haunted Ruin in Delhi, India | Bhuli Bhatiyari Ghost Stories

HAUNTED ABANDONED SCHOOL at Night | WARNING Very Scary | Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

HAUNTED ABANDONED SCHOOL at Night | SCARY Things Happen in Paranormal Investigation | Part 2

Remote GHOST TOWN in AUSTRALIAN OUTBACK | Scary Haunted Night

HAUNTED Australian Outback Cemetery at NIGHT | Crazy GHOST Activity

True Story of ANNABELLE the Demonic Doll | Annabelle Comes Home

EVIL 99 Door Mansion | Scariest Paranormal Investigation Ever!

99 DOOR MANSION | Insanely HAUNTED & Abandoned Mansion at Night

GHOSTS of Edinburgh Castle | HAUNTED Scotland

GHOSTS of Old Melbourne Gaol | Scary Abandoned Jail in Australia

HAUNTED Mile-long Barracks | EXPLORING Corregidor Island, Philippines

SCREAMS in the NIGHT | HAUNTED Mile-long Barracks Paranormal Investigation | Corregidor Island

GHOSTS in our room? | Sleeping in the HAUNTED Eastern Station Hotel | Ballarat, Australia

SHADOW FIGURE and DEMON spotted by my SUBSCRIBERS | CREEPY Paranormal Evidence

Contacting Jack the Ripper's GHOST | HAUNTED Places in Melbourne, Australia

100,000 GHOSTS Haunt This Jungle Cemetery in SINGAPORE | Exploring Bukit Brown Cemetery

SCARY NIGHT in a Haunted JUNGLE Cemetery! | 100,000 GHOSTS | Bukit Brown Cemetery, Singapore

HAUNTED Amber Beacon Tower, Singapore | PARANORMAL Investigation

I Met One of the Most HAUNTED DOLLS in the World | LETTA ME OUT

Inside the HAUNTED MURDER Fort | Shaniwar Wada Fort Pune, India

We Did NOT Belong There! | HAUNTED Murder Fort at NIGHT | Paranormal Investigation

We Were NOT Alone! | SCARY Shipwreck at NIGHT!

She Was WATCHING ME SLEEP | I Saw a GHOST! | My First Paranormal Experience

OVERNIGHT in a HAUNTED MURDER Room | Ghosts of the Russell Hotel, Sydney

Sydney's MOST HAUNTED HOTEL | Something WEIRD is in This Room!

I Didn't Expect THIS Response! | GHOSTS of the Manila Film Center DISASTER

Roman Colosseum AT NIGHT | Ancient GHOSTS of Rome, Italy

SOMETHING GROWLED at Me! | Investigating The Haunting of Anstey Hill

Abandoned HAUNTED Military Hospital | Corregidor Island, Philippines

HAUNTED HOSPITAL of NIGHTMARES! | Investigating the Abandoned Corregidor Hospital

Larundel MENTAL ASYLUM | GHOST with a Music Box

I Spent the NIGHT in a HAUNTED PALACE | Spirit Box Session!

HAUNTED PALACE Overnight | GHOST of a Murder Victim Communicates?

Halloween 2019 SNEAK PEEK! LIVE Q&A - Amy's Crypt

HAUNTED Ghost Town | CREEPIEST Church EVER! | Old Tailem Town, South Australia

CREEPY PARANORMAL Investigation in SCARY Mannequin Room | Old Tailem Town, South Australia

REAL GHOST TRAIN | Paranormal Investigation at the Haunted Railway Museum, Port Adelaide

CREEPY NIGHT in the HAUNTED National Railway Museum | GHOSTS of Australia

TERRIFYING NIGHT in HAUNTED PRISON | Scary Paranormal Investigation | Old Adelaide Gaol

HAUNTED PRISON & HANGING TOWER | SCARY Ghost Evidence | Old Adelaide Gaol

HAUNTED CRIMINALLY INSANE ASYLUM | Scariest Ghost Voice Captured | Z Ward Halloween Special 1

ASYLUM for the CRIMINALLY INSANE | ALONE in Most Haunted Cells | Z Ward Halloween Special 2

CURSED + HAUNTED Monastery in ROMANIA Vlog | Chiajna Monastery

My Date Saw a GHOST | REAL GHOST Sighting + Paranormal Investigation

Japanese EXECUTIONER'S GHOST Tunnel | HAUNTED Penang War Museum, Malaysia

SCARY AUSSIE Ghost Town AT NIGHT | Looking For Ghosts in Stenhouse Bay, South Australia

SCARIEST HAUNTED Tunnel at NIGHT | Ernest Junction Tunnel, Australia

SATANIC Ritual TUNNEL | SUMMONING the GHOSTS of Ernest Junction Tunnel | Haunted Australia

Laperal White House GHOSTS! | Most HAUNTED House in the Philippines

KRAMPUS Came For Me! | KRAMPUSLAUF ATTACKS | The Christmas Devil

We Found The SHADOWLESS GHOST'S GRAVE | HAUNTED Cascade Gardens, Australia

Most HAUNTED ASYLUM in Australia | GHOST Wanted to STAB me at Aradale Lunatic Asylum!

Aradale LUNATIC ASYLUM | SCARY Paranormal Investigation with Evidence

Queen Mary REAL GHOST Caught on Camera | Not Clickbait

I Saw Something WEIRD in India! | HAUNTED Chand Baori Stepwell | DARK FIGURE Seen

HAUNTED UNDERGROUND of a Shopping Mall | Adelaide Arcade Paranormal Investigation

GHOST tells us how they DIED | HAUNTED Adelaide Arcade Paranormal Investigation

5 SCARY HAUNTED Places & REAL Paranormal Evidence Caught on Camera | 2019

GHOSTS of Machu Picchu | HAUNTED World Wonder

I CRIED! Scariest Paranormal Investigation Ever! Battery Way, Philippines

GHOST Picks Winning Lottery Numbers! | Visiting MAE NAK Shrine Phra Khanong, Bangkok

Most HAUNTED Aussie JAIL at NIGHT | Old Geelong Gaol

HAUNTED MORGUE Table in a JAIL | Old Geelong Gaol, Australia

ALONE in a HAUNTED PRISON | Paranormal Investigation in Old Geelong Gaol, Australia
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