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Elemental Encounters
Research and adventures with The Fae - The Faery folk or the little people. They have been documented in every culture throughout history. We dedicate our time and life to documenting our adventures and to prove the existence of the Fae.

The Bone Collectors Ep 6 - RAF CHURCH FENTON Abandoned Bone Hunt

The Bone Collectors - Ep 5 - Skulls, Bones & Secret Caves

The Bone Collectors - Ep 4 - Some Really BIG bones!

Them Bones! New equipment, Upcoming, and stuff!

The Bone Collectors - Ep 3 - How many bones??

The Bone Collectors - Live Opening Of Owl Pellets

The Bone Collectors Ep 2 - MONEY FOUND while looking for skulls!!!!!!

Live Chat about whatever!

The Magic Far Away Tree - Tree Communication for Kat Howard

The Magic Of Tree's - Runes, Magic, Folklore and Connection with Special Guest Kat Howard

Secret Faery Garden Revisit - Giant Fairy ORB caught on Camera

The Bone Collectors - Episode 1

The Fae, Elementals & Witchcraft with Guest Claire - Mystique Elemental Witch

House Brownies - Faery Folklore (House Elf, Dobby, Hob, House Spirit)

Phantoms Paranormal - Lights Out In The Tunnel - Elemental Spirit Investigation

Phantoms Paranormal - Nature Spirits In Milford Mill

Phantoms Paranormal - A Game Of Cat And Mouse | Home Haunting Investigation

Elemental Encounters | Tommy - A Boy & His Shadow - Nature Spirit

Massive Faery Energy Orb in this Abandoned RAF Base

Halloween night 2017 investigation - Part 1

Halloween Night 2017 Investigation - Part 2

The Barnsley Antiques Centre Haunting

The House Of Sadness | House Brownie Speaks

Elemental Encounters - Blue Moon Nature Spirits

Elemental Encounters - Thurgoland Tunnel Whispers | Nature Spirits

Elemental Encounters | All Along The Watchtower

Elemental Encounters | Unfinished Business...

Operation GNOME | Elemental Encounters & Soul Reaper Paranormal Collab

Spirit box reply from a home session. Gnomes Speak!!

The Tree Fairy, A Stone Circle And A Dead Drone!!! Faery speaks to us!

Pendle - Padiham workhouse Spirit box session

The Faery folk speak | All replies 100% proof fairy folk are real ! Tommy & Stuart reply count

A Brownie, Two Elves and Fairies give us a CLUE at the mansion!!

Faery Whisperer Box session after Elemental invoking activation Wicca ritual

A Gnome at the convent school! Bonus video Boss Fairy speaks to us!!

The Shining One's - Home investigation to identify a presence

Faery shows on camera at this abandoned church.

The Witches Cave - Spirit Box Investigation

Holiday Adventure, Woodland and beach two part investigation

The Abandoned Brownie | House of Sadness revisit

Photographs Of The Fae - Episode 1 - Real Fairy, Gnome, Goblin, Elves

A Friend Speaks After Death - Spirit Box Experiment

Faeiry Queen - Get up and Dance Spirit Box Excerpt

Live Discussion On Peters Spirit Box Sessions

The PĂșca of Samhain - Ritual and Spirit Box - Faery festival Halloween

30 East Drive - Black Monk Poltergeist or House Brownie??

Elemental Encounters - A Journey With The Faery Folk Channel Trailer

The Secret Fairy Garden - Faery Folk Investigation - Featuring Above Paranormal

Hell's House - What haunts this house? SPIRIT CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!

The Elven Tree - Elemental Wand Witchcraft - Faery Elven Witch
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