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Spotted: Ghosts :: The Hunt is on to Find the Truth
My Haunted Fowler
In the small town of Fowler Indiana, reports come in from around town of the paranormal. When available, we will share updates and videos here on My Haunted Fowler

Moses Fowler Original House

5-9-20 Warning in the Jail Cell

5-9-20 Deputy from the Past?

5-9-20 Strange Sound in the Dungeon

5-25-20 A Light Flashes in an Empty Theater

5-23-20 Rattling Chair: Debunked

6-2-20 Bug?

5 22 20 Jail Investigation Walk Through Pre and Post FB Live

5-22-20 Jail Flashlight Session

5-22-20 Jail Shadows Split

5-22-20 Jail Shadows

5-22-20 Jail Investigation EVP and Apparition.

5-25-20 "Blip" in an Empty Theatre

6-16-20 Seat Flash

5-16-20 Bug or orb

5-17-20 A Knock in the Middle of the Night

5-9-20 A Flash of Light

"New Cells" at the Old Benton County Jail

Pole Dancing Ghost?

The Foxes are Getting Curious

5-12-20 Ghost Detector - Knock

5-9-20 Unknown Noise in Jail Basement

4-26-20 Spain Paranormal ITC Box 2

5-2-20 EVP?

5-2-20 Something Shuts After Midnight

5-2-20 A Knock After Midnight

4-29-20 Rod or Bug

5 2 20 ??? Me

5 2 20 ???? You

5 2 20 A Series of Events

5-2-20 Sound Comparisons

5-7-20 Mumbling During a Full Moon

4-25-20 Auditorium Flash

4-24-20 A Bug Up Close (No Audio)

Check out These Foxes!

4-26-20 Spain Paranormal Hot Coffee

4-11-20 SLS Captures Bathroom

4-11-20 My Name During SLS Recording

4-11-20 SLS Figure on Stage

Not Paranormal but Cute as Hell

4-11-20 Round, Floaty Objects :-)

4-17-20 Holy F**k

4-17-20 Later that night...

4-18-20 EVP Auditorium

4-17-20 Theatre Activity

4-11-20 SLS Kinect Camera Use and Activity Captured

4-18-20 SB SGIV

4-18-20 Spirit Box Session - ITC Box 2

4-19-20 A Knock in the Middle of the Night

"Spotlighting" Activity

4-21-20 Spotlights and Spirit Box

4-22-20 Spots and EVP

3-24-20 Spirit Box Day Before Statewide Shutdown

3-24-20 Is That So?

3-28-20 Sound Behind Me

3-31-20 The Lights Are On, but Nobody's Home

3-28-20 Breath and Mumble

4/3/20 Say My Name?

4-3-20 Did You Say My Name?

3-28-20 Solo Investigation Russ

3-28-20 Solo Noise Behind Me

3-28-20 In Dicks Chair

3-28-20 Loud Bang in Booth

3-28-20 Backstage Movement

4-9-20 Tour of Fowler

My Haunted Fowler Presents Paralus ITC Legion

4-7-20 Parallus Project David

4-7-20 Parallus Project Noises

4-7-20 Parallus Project James

4-7-20 Parallus Project Quarantine

3-12-20 Debunked EVP

3 -16-20 A Flash In the Middle of the Screen

3-17-19 Yet Another Flash

Week of 3-16-20 Lights Flashing

3-20-20 Possible EVP

3-20-20 Another Possible EVP

3-20-20 Calling out?

3-20-20 Conversation?

3/21/20 A Flash on movie night

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Dick in the Office?

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Yes Sarge

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Dick in the Booth

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Light Show

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session John Did

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Furnace Question

3-21-20 Spirit Box It Hurts

3-21-20 Spirit Box Session Good Job Man

1-20-20 Ginger Short Clip

1-21-20 Light Anomoly

1-26-20 LED Lights Flash at 3am

1-28-20 Lights Flash in and Empty Theater

1-30-20 I Don't Know

Ice Machine Fundraiser: The Fowler Theatre

2-4-20 Spot Light Flashes in an Empty Theater

2-4-20 Auditorium Flash of Light

2-4-20 Light Flashing Acitivity

Audio Reviews Improved: MPOW headphones

2-8-20 Running in an Empty Theatre

2-8-20 Oil Can Drum Noise

2-8-20 EVP Before the Movie?

2-8/9-20 Oil Can Sounds in the Midgnight Hour

2-9-20 Knock in the Concession Area

2-11-20 Could Just Be Gravity

2-15-20 The Orb is in the Eye of the Beholder

2-16-20 SLS Capture Backstage

2-16-20 Knock that Startled Me

2-16-20 Hair Bomb

2-15-20 Possible EVP During Estes Method Session

2-16-20 Spotted: Ghosts Spirit Box Session

2-16-20 Light Anomaly

2-23-20 Spirit Box Session with my Son

2-22-20 Jill Being Messed With

2-25-20 Spirit Box Session

Ghost Boy at the Fowler Theatre

2-29-20 Voices

3-1-20 2 Solid Knocks After Hours

3-6-20 Dust in the Wind

3-5-20 Spirit Box Session

3-8-20 Conversation

3-8-20 A Knock While Stocking Candy

3-8-20 Something Follows After I get Nauseous

Lean, Mean Mario

4th of July UFO

Fowler Theater haunted lights 10 29 18

Clowns to the left of me, Orbs to the right...

Projection Booth Opens 11-10-18

Door opens again

Fowler Theatre Stage Lights go off and on(1)

Fowler Theatre Stage Lights go off and on(2)

Stage Lights Operating by Themselves

The Old Benton County Indiana Jail Investigation

Auditorium Light Activity at 1:20 am

Mystery Lights from Behind the Stage

Shadow Figure Old Theater Medium

Booth door opens locking up

12-16-18 Dick V Birth Name

F*** You Response

Yet, another unexplainable light goes off in an empty theater

Flash of Light

Still investigating

Orb While Reviewing Stage Footage

Close but no cigar (or explanation of light)

Door Closing out of Camera View

12-28-19 Flash of Light

I'm just an orb...

Projection Booth Sound Comparison

12-15-18 GRS Booth Session

Lights Out, But Nobodys Home

Flash of Light, New Area of Screen

Blinky Blinky

Large Blast of Light

More Light Activity 1/4/19

Backstage View 1/4/19

Slides of Light Activity Over 2 Months

Light Blows, Sound Heard and Orb Captured

New Light


Later that morning

Lost capture: 11-15-18

New Flash, New Area 1-9-19

New Flash, New Area - Backstage 1-9-19

Pressure or Paranormal?

1-16-19 Light

1-20-19 Orb

1-21-19 Flash of Light After Lunar Eclipse

Light back stage

1-21-19 Flash of Light with Frame by Frame Review

1-21-19 Another Anomoly Captured

1-21-19 Mischief or Gravity?

1-21-19 Second Flash of the Day

12-15-18 GRS My Name is Emma

12-15-18 GRS Control Room Job

12-15-18 GRS 10 in the Lobby

12-15-18 GRS Bullet in Head Impossible

12-15-18 GRS Should We Start That Whisper

12-15-18 GRS SLS Camera

12-15-18 Brett Always

12-15-18 GRS Don't Touch It

Elaina Quincy

12-15-18 GRS Go Lay Down

12-15-18 GRS F**k You

12-15-18 GRS Thank You

12-15-18 GRS Owners Greek Name???

1-26-19 Light Flashes

1-26-19 Backstage Camera Capture Reason Unknown 03:03:56

1-26-19 Backstage Camera Capture Reason Unknown 02:56:28

1-26-19 Unknown Backstage Captures: Combined Backstage and Auditorium Views

1-29-19 Orb Followed by a Flash of Light

2-3-19 The Illinois Ghost Society Booth

2-2-19 Orb Before Lights Out

4-28-18 765 Paranormal at the Fowler Theatre

4-28-18 Theater Dwight

4-28-18 Theater Orb Justin

4-28-18 Theater Justin Bathroom

4-28-18 Theater Start of FB Live Rick Orbs and EVP

4-28-18 Theater Start of FB Live Orb and Tiffany

4-28-18 Mysterious Child Laughing

2-7-19 Door Opens and Orbs Captured

2-9-19 Computer Screen On and Off, New Reflection Object Appears

2-13-19 Whistle

2-16-19 "Urgent" Caught on Camera Audio

2-18-19 Bug or Orb?

2-17-19 Grabbing a Drink After Midnight

2--21-19 Things that Go Bump in the Night

2-21-19 Noise from Auditorium

2-23-19 Orb Just before Midnight

2-24-19 Orb at 6am

2-24-19 Flash or Light/Orb

2-25-19 Footsteps After Midnight?

2-25-19 Water?

2-25-19 Voice

3-2-19 Mysterious Knock After Midnight

2-27-19 Shadow Triggers Camera Alert

3-3-19 Orb Coming from Stage

3-5-19 Knock and a Voice

3-8-19 Flash of Light Returns

3-8-19 Orb

3-9-19 Activity While Working

3-10-19 Strange Squeak During Investigation

3-10-19 Evening Orb

3-11-19 Flash of Light Auditorium

3-10-19 Indy Ghost Trackers Backstage

3-11-19 "You Messing with Me?"

3-9-19 Indy Ghost Trackers EVP's

3-9-19 IGT EVP "Help me"

3-9-19 IGT EVP "HI" "Come out" "No"

3-9-19 IGT Investigation "Yes"

3-9-19 IGT Investigation "Killed it"

3-9-19 IGT Investigation Knock in Restroom

3-9-19 IGT EVP "I did" Hang Myself?

3-9-19 IGT EVP "Russ"

3-9-19 IGT "Where's your mom?" EVP

12-15-18 GRS "Always"

12-15-18 GRS "I don't know"

12-15-18 GRS Response to Gunshot Comment

2-3-19 Normal Paranormal Whisper

3-24-19 Motion Activity Near Stage

3-26-19 Random Knocks After Midnight

3-28-19 Random Knocks

3-29-19 Orbs for Review

3-29-19 "Who's That" before a knocks

3-30-19 Theatre EVP

3-31-19 Another EVP Recording

4-4-19 "Why?"

4-6-19 "Thunk"

2-3-19 "What was that?"

2-3-19 Past Investigation EVP's

4-6-19 Fowler Theater Investigation

2-3-19 Can you open the door? - Yes EVP

2-3-19 Off Us Ovilus

2-3-19 Booth EVP

4-6-19 SLS Auditorium Capture

4-6-19 Investigation Boy Image Various Filters

4-6-19 Alarm Goes Off

4-11-19 Light Anomaly Auditorium

4-13-19 Orb

4-12-19 'Orb'gy of Orbs

4-13-19 Public Investigation "Letter"

4-13-19 Public Investigation - Fowler Theatre

4-13-19 Booth Closet Spirit Box

4-13-19 Misogynistic Spirits?

4-17-19 EVP and Camera Capture

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session Full Video

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session Opening

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session 2

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session 3

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session 4

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session 5

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session 6

4-13-19 Dual Output Spirit Box Session Little Girl

4-13-19 Dual Output Session Across the Sea

4-21-19 Orb

4-24-19 Return of The Flash...of Light

4-13-19 Woman Running Theater Leave

4-13-19 Leave Jill

4-26-19 Odd Noises After Hours

4-28-19 Dwight

5-1-19 A Knock and a Name

5-6-19 A Voice and a Noise

5-8-19 Side Lights Go On and Off

4-6-19 EVP "Eagle?"

4-6-19 EVP Captured

5-11-19 Explaining Knocks

5-11-19 Private Investigation Light Anomolies

5-11-19 Private Investigation Most Interesting Orb

5-11-19 A Noise a Knock and Footsteps

Interesting orb

5-17-19 Flash of Light Auditorium

5-17-19 Whistle

A Bug With Style

5-19-19 A Knock from the Women's Restroom

5-20-19 Mysterious Flash Auditorium

5-25-19 Midnight Activity

4-13-19 Chair Falls

4-13-19 Experiences

4-13-19 Miscellaneous Sounds

5-27-19 Door Shutting?

5-27-19 Don't Give Up Or...

5-27-19 Listen to her

5-27-19 Two clicks, a whistle and a knock

5-30-19 WTF!

5/27/19 He's Running and Get Out or Get Him

5/27/19 F**K

Cambridge Labs Rechargeable EMF Detector

6-1-19 Worker Moved

6-1-19 "Peyton"

6-1-19 Flashlight and Spiritbox Q and A

9-8-19 Someone Trying To Get My Attention?

6-8-19 Laughter?

6-8-19 "Hey"

6-9-19 Backstage Anomaly

6-8-19 "Get It"

6-8-19 "Hi"

6-9-19 Light Anomaly

6-8-19 "Denny or Danny" and a click

6-8-19 "Kill Me"

6-14-19 "Here They Come"

6-15-19 "Help?"

6-15-19 Random Knock

6-15-19 "Yes" in the Auditorium

11-10-18 Projection Booth Door Opens

6-18-19 Unidentifable Noise

6-19-19 Knock

6-18-19 Knock

6-19-19 Light Activity

6-20-19 "Hands up or Stand up"?


6-23-19 Anomaly on the Street

6-22-19 Spectrewaves LLP Fowler Theatre Audio Comparison

6-24-19 Triple Knocks After Midnight

6-23-19 Anomaly on the Street Close up

6-24-19 Whistling in an Empty Auditorium

6-24-19 East Side Lights Go on and Off

6-25-19 Flash of Light

6-24 and 6-25 Light Flashes

A Sneak Peak of the Old Benton County Jail

6-26-19 Backstage Orb

6-26-19 Light Flash Center of the Screen

6-26-19 What do you hear?

6-27-19 Possible Voice Captures

YOU'RE THE INVESTIGATOR: An Opportunity to Investigate the Fowler Theatre Online

6-29-19 Flash in the Early Hours

6-30-19 Left or Letter

6-30-19 Odd Noises

7-1-19 Flash on the Screen

7-1-19 Light Flickering

Records room Benton County Jail

7-3-19 Booth Activity and "F" You

7-6-19 Knock While working

7-5-19 Scream and a Message

7-7-19 Flash of Light

7-8-19 What do you need?

Opera House Preview

7-13-19 You're the Investigator

7-12-19 Anomolies

7-12-19 Another "F**k You"

7-14-19 Orb

7-15-19 Calling Me By Name?

7-15-19 Best Camera EVP Yet

7-16-19 Flash of Light

The Old Benton County Jail Attic

7-18-19 "Leave me alone!"

Fowler Theatre Captures: 4-2018 thru 7-2019

7-21-19 Another knock

7-21-19 "He had to"

7-21-19 Awesome

7-21-19 "Hey"..."Hey"

7-21-19 Becky and 2 knocks

You're the Investigator 7-21-19

7-22-19 Screen Goes Up On Its Own

7-23-19 film projector

7-22-19 "You're Name?"

7-22-19 Backstage Noises

7-28-19 Strange Banging Noise

7-27-19 knock and mumbling

7-29-19 Auditorium

8-4-19 "Hide" and a knock

8-8-19 Knock Heard From the Office

8-10-19 A Knock During an EVP Session

8-16-19 A Flash on the Screen

8-10-19 Here they come?

8-17-19: My Haunted Fowler and 765 Paranormal Footage "Freak Out at the Fowler - Ben"

8-17-19: My Haunted Fowler and 765 Paranormal Footage "Freak Out at the Fowler - Backstage

8-19-19 A Series of Odd Noises

8-24-19 Possible EVP

8-25-19 Odd noise

8-25-19 Possible Auditorium EVP

8-26-19 Auditorium Flash

8-27-19 Bug?

8-31-19 "Dwight" and "Yes" SGSB

8-31-19 "It Hurts" Spotted : Ghosts Spirit Box

9-1-19 Flash of Light on Screen

8-31-19 Possible EVP Backstage

9-1-19 Concession Area EVP

9-2-19 knock

8-31-19 EVP Q and A

9-5-29 After IT 2: The Final Chapter

9-8-19 Knocks and Scratches

9-13-19 Friday the 13th Activity Starting?

9-15-19 Disembodied Voice

9-21-19 Auditorium EVP

9-21-19 Bug Frenzy

9-13-19 Spirti Box: Ask David

9-22-19 Foul Language

9-22-19 Auditorium EVP

9-22-19 "Get the money"

9-22-19 2 EVP's

9-21-19 Anomoly Follows Jill

9-22-19 Auditorium Flash

9-23-19 Click and door

9-22-19 Mommy

9-23-19 EVP Session with SG4

9-25-19 2 Flashes

9-26-19 Flash Lower Right

9-29-19 Flash over shoulder

9-29-19 Under Stage Audio

Sometimes that ghostly figure is a...

9-28-19 Camera Blocked

10-6-19 EVP Response

mom captured

10-11-19 Daytime Scare

10-13-19 Out Go the Lights

10-7-19 Anniversary of the Managers Death EVP

10-7-19 A Knock on the Anniversary of the Managers Suicide

10-7-19 Backstage EVP

10-6-19 Spirit Box Session

10-15-19 Spirit Box

10-15-19 Spirit Box Dicks Here

10-15-19 Spirit Box Danny Yes Sir

10-15-19 Spirit Box David Yes He is

10-15-19 Spirit Box Mike or Pike

10-15-19 Spirit Box Regina

10-15-19 Spirit Box Russ

10-15-19 Spirit Box Regina are you here

10-17-19 A Light Flashes in an Empty Theater

10-19-19 Battery Drain

10-19-19 Light Anomaly

Jail Promo

10-19-19 Jill Ben and You Did

10-19-19 Seven

10-19-19 Hanging

10-19-19 Flashlight Session

10-19-19 Flashlight Russ Responds

10-28-19 Bugs

10-27-19 EVPs

10-29-19 Light Anomaly

10-27-19 Heavy Breath

10-27-19 Possible EVP

11-2-19 Change Please

11-2-19 Backstage Knock

Dust in the wind or the soul of my long lost uncle?

11-2 and 3 Weekend Noises

11-3-19 Spirit Box Session

11-3-19 Spirit Box It's My Home

11-3-19 Russ Yes Sir

11-3-19 Go F Yourself Mr

11-3-19 It's Daniel

11-3-19 Thank you sir

11-12-19 Light Flashes

11-13-19 Activity While Chatting

11-15-19 Cough Captured

11-16-19 Interesting Light Anomoly

11-15-19 Youth Investigation

11-17-19 SLS Capture on Stage

11-15-19 Ghost Boy Discussion

11-21-19 Frozen 2 Activity

11-13-19 Russ Did


11-16-19 Activity During an Investigation

11-16-19 Go To Hell

11-28-19 A Flash

11-30-19 Concession Light Flickers

11-29-19 Concession SB Session "Shit"

11-29-19 Concession SB Session It's Nelson

11-29-19 Concession SB Session Fight Them Demons

11-29-19 Childs Accidental Death

11-29-19 Childs Name

11-29-19 Flickering Light Acknowledgement

11-29-19 Concession Spirit Box Session

12-3-19 Side Auditorium Light Flashes

12-3-19 East Light Flash and Comparison

12-4-19 Spur of the Moment Spirit Box Session

12-6-19 The Booth Door Opens

12-5-19 Ball of Light Flash

12-9-19 Something Falls in the Office

12-9-19 Footsteps

12-9-19 SB Session Post Activity

12-8-19 EVP Personal Residence

SLS Camera Complete

Friday the 13th Investigation is about to Start

12-13-19 SLS Capture at the Fowler Theater

12-13-19 Stick Figure Debunked

12-13-19 Stick Figure on Stage

12-13-19 Stick Figure Rises out of the Stage

12-13-19 Griffith 3 New

Backstage SLS Theater

12-14-19 "You Talking to Me"

12-13-19 Griffith Evidence

12-20-19 Booth door opens

12-20-19 2 EVP's As I am Exiting Backstage

12-22-19 Motion Light Activated in an Empty Theater

12-17-19 Elementary School Report Lights

12-20-19 SGIV Spirit Box session

12-24-19 Spotlight Flashes in the Wee Hours

12-22-19 Motion Light Activates in an Empty Theater

Come Out and Play

12-26-19 Spirit Box Session After Placing Toys

12-29-19 Booth Door Opens

12-29-19 SLS Camera, A Child Humming and a Blue Dot Appears

1-2-19 Flashes

12-29-19 Booth Landing Spirit Box

12-29-19 Chasing Lights

12-29-19 EVP on the Booth Landing

12-30-19 Spirit Box Session Auditorium

12-30-19 Spirit Box Compilation

12-30-19 SB Is Your Name Danny

1-9-20 Spotlight Flashes...

Is Your Name Danny Part 2

1-2-19 A Series of Interesting Flashes

1-10-20 Booth Opens During the Day

1-11-20 Talking on the Booth Landing

1-11-20 Sorry

1-11-20 Spirit Box Session

1-18-20 Tour Activity

1-20-20 SLS Capture
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