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Shadow Paranormal
Founded in 2012 by Luke Tabram we have been active investigators and researchers in the field ever since.

We produce weekly paranormal videos which can be seen on our Youtube channel. We are currently performing some complex experiments and tests over the next few years which will hopefully increase knowledge on the frequencies spirits/ghosts resonate on.

Series 5 is now in now in production!

Ghost Ops Ep.6: Haunted Acton

Ghost Ops Ep.5: Glemsford Silk Mill

Ghost Ops Ep.4: Little Cornard Churchyard

Ghost Ops Ep.3: The Haunted Bunker

Ghost Ops Ep.2: Liston Churchyard

Ghost Ops Ep.1: Lavenham Bridge

Shadow Paranormal S05E09: The Horseheath Files

Shadow Paranormal S05E08: Dunwich

Shadow Paranormal S05E07: The Uplands Hotel

Shadow Paranormal S05E06: Horseheath & Bartlow III

Shadow Paranormal S05E05: RAF Bodney

Shadow Paranormal S05E04: Little Cornard Churchyard Part 2

Shadow Paranormal S05E03: Little Cornard Churchyard

Shadow Paranormal S05E02: Santon Church

Shadow Paranormal S05E01: The Cage

Konstantin Raudive | ITC Pioneer Ep.61

Borley Churchyard Poltergeist Activity Ep.60

Equipments Power Drained During Spirit Communication | Incredible Paranormal Activity! Ep.59

GHOSTLY APPARITION CAUGHT ON TAPE | Stanton Church & Kennett Churchyard Ep.58

The Curse Of The Titanic Ep.57

KII EMF Meter Review

Apparition Triggers Motion Sensor At Haunted Castle? Ep.55

Victorian Spirit Photography Ep.53

Strange Paranormal Phenomena | Living Ghosts Ep.50

Haunted Alresford Church Ep.49

Ghost Hunt At Haunted Cambridge Leper Chapel Ep.48

Elementals Ep.47

Interesting EMF Responses In Haunted Churchyard Ep.46

EVP | Voices From The Dead Ep.45

The Mandela Effect Ep.43

Seeing Orbs in Real Life! Ep.42

Five More Famous Ghost Photos Ep.44

Shadow Paranormal S04E04: Highlights 2015 & 2016

Shadow Paranormal S04E03: Weeting Castle

Shadow Paranormal S04E02: Return to Borley

Shadow Paranormal S04E01: Thetford Priory & Warren Lodge

The Black Shuck | Documentary Ep.41

The Bloop Ep.39

Exploring Creepy Abandoned Mansion Ep.38

EMF Meters | Paranormal Investigation Ep.35

The Thornton Heath Poltergeist Ep.34

Ghosts Of The Haunted SS Mohegan Ep.33

Paranormal TV Shows Ep.32

My First EVP's Ep.31

The Black Knight Satellite Ep.30

Entity Drains Batteries On Torch Ep.29

The Cottingley Fairies Ep,28

Poltergeists Ep.27

Five Famous Ghost Videos Ep.26

Ghost Imitates My Voice Through EVP? Ep.25

The Loch Ness Monster Ep. 24

The Man From Taured Ep.23

The Belmez Faces Ep.22

PSB7 Spirit Box Review Ep.20

Possible Ghost Detected Through Static Ep.19

Haunted Dolls Ep.18

Bigfoot Ep.17

Direct Responses Through SB7 Spirit Box Ep.16

The Angels Trumpets Ep.15

The Enfield Poltergeist Ep.13

Spirit Responds Through 2 EMF Meters! Ep.12

The Fox Sisters Ep.10

Shadow Paranormal S03E06: Return to Bartlow Three Hills

Shadow Paranormal S03E05: Return to Horseheath

Shadow Paranormal S03E04: Bury St Edmunds Abbey

Shadow Paranormal S03E03: Hadstock Graveyard

Shadow Paranormal S03E02: Glemsford Silk Mill

Shadow Paranormal S03E01: Stanton Church

Five Famous Ghost Photos Ep.9

Orbs Ep.8

The Black Eyed Child Ep.7

Shadow People Ep.6

Shadow Paranormal S02E11: Highlights 2013

Shadow Paranormal S02E10: Return to Kedington

Shadow Paranormal S02E09: RAF Little Walden

Shadow Paranormal S02E08: Halloween Special 2013

Shadow Paranormal S02E07: Abandoned Factory

Shadow Paranormal S02E06: Clare Castle

Shadow Paranormal S02E05: Ghosts of the Ouse Part 2

Shadow Paranormal S02E04: Ghosts of the Ouse Part 1

Shadow Paranormal S02E03: Steeple Bumpstead

Shadow Paranormal S02E02: Bartlow Three Hills

Shadow Paranormal S02E01: Private Location, Haverhill

Sleep Paralysis Ep.5

Pareidolia Ep.4

The Haunted Porsche Spyder Ep.3

The Mackenzie Poltergeist Ep.2

The Green Children Of Woolpit Ep.1

Shadow Paranormal S01E04: Highlights 2012

Shadow Paranormal S01E03: Kedington

Shadow Paranormal S01E02: Borley Churchyard

Shadow Paranormal S01E01: Horseheath
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