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UK Haunted
Michael & Alex

We investigate the most paranormally active locations throughout the UK searching for real evidence of the paranormal.

We are not mediums or psychics, we use a scientific approach, with the aim of catching real evidence of ghosts and spirits.

We investigate the Paranormal world in a fair and honest way, always with an open mind.

Nothing is ever faked. What you see is completely real and raw. We edit and produce all of our episodes, keeping full control of what we put out.

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YouTube Best Bits part 1 UK Haunted

Boughton Cemetery Live Ghost Hunt

Delapre Abbey Live Ghost Hunt

Town & County Charity Ghost Hunt

Halloween - Town & County Club 2013

The Falstaff Seance Ghost Hunt UK-Haunted Investigation

Ogmore Castle...The Return Ghost Hunt

Lamb Inn...The Return Ghost Hunt

Halloween 2012 Delapre Abbey Ghost Hunt

Scary Mental Hospital Asylum

Ewenny Priory

St Crispin Mental Asylum S04E07

Delapre Woods Murder S04E06

Delapre Woods S04E05

The Spirit House S04E04

Battle of Naseby S04E03

Delapre Abbey S04E02

Return to Old Red S04E01

Hell-Fire Caves S03E10

The Picturedrome S03E09

Fort Paull Ghost Hunt Totally Paranormal Events S03E08

Drakelow Tunnels Part 2 #TeamDrakelow S03E07

Most Haunted Morecambe Winter Gardens S03E06

Peterborough Museum with Phil Whyman S03E05

The Poltergeist House - Spiritus Crystal Shop Investigation S03E04

Old Red House Pub Ghost Hunt S03E03

Ancient Ram Inn Ghost Hunt S03E02

Irchester Working Mens Club Ghost Hunt S03E01 Season 3

Old Black Lion Ghost Hunt S02E10 Scary Season Finale

Town & County Club Ghost Hunt S02E09 The Missing Exclusive Investigation

Houghton House Ghost Hunt S02E08 UK-Haunted

Fotheringhay Castle Ghost Hunt S02E07 UK-Haunted

Hind Hotel...The Return Ghost Hunt S02E06 UK-Haunted

Ewloe Castle Ghost Hunt S02E05 UK-Haunted

Halkyn Cemetery Ghost Hunt S02E04 Spooky Graveyard

Denbigh Castle Ghost Hunt S02E03 Full Scary Investigation

Ogmore Castle Ghost Hunt S02E02 Scary Investigation

Margam Castle Ghost Hunt S02E01 UK-Haunted

Woodchester Mansion Ghost Hunt S01E10

Clophill Church Ghost Hunt S01E09

The Lamb Inn Ghost Hunt S01E08

The Church Restaurant Ghost Hunt S01E07

Auntie Ruth's Ghost Hunt S01E06

Overstone Manor Ghost Hunt S01E05

Hind Hotel Ghost Hunt S01E04

Guys Cliffe House Ghost Hunt S01E03

Salcey Forest Ghost Hunt S01E02

Boughton Cemetery Ghost Hunt S01E01
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