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Paranormal Now
We are a team of psychics, mediums, investigators and researchers dedicated to exploring the world of the unexplained, helping others who are having issues with the Paranormal in their home, and pushing the boundaries of exploration into the realms of human consciousness and the nature of reality.
We cover a range of subjects and topics, including spirits, ghosts, ufology, strange occurrences and much more, and aim to present evidence of our findings in a way that helps others find meaning to this world around them. We believe that we are living in a time of awakening for humanity and knowledge once hidden is now more than ever coming into the human psyche for the first time in Centuries.
Our mission is as follows
To help others who are having issues with events in their lives they cannot explain, including strange occurrences happening around themselves, their family or their home. To provide a listening ear, and/or investigation of affected areas to determine what may be causing said occurrences.
Exploring the unknown in terms of human consciousness, the nature of reality and the nature of the self, helping others to also understand their own spiritual nature.
Presenting evidence of our findings either when on investigations or through Paranormal experimentation through our NOW INVESTIGATIONS LIVE streams.
Understanding and conveying information on the Paranormal as it relates to everything from World Events, to local history and everything in between.
Provide new and interesting ways to explore the world through the Paranormal.
Allow others to express themselves through the sharing of content on our website and other social media platforms.
Paranormal Now was founded by Richard Oliver, long time psychic medium and researcher, and is maintained by Jared Walters, also a medium and researcher. Our team are highly skilled professionals from all walks of life, with experience in Security, the media, cultural regeneration, alternative therapies, engineering, mechanics, computer science and much more.

What would you do if you caught this weird orb outside your house.

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