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Ghost Pictures
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Guys Cliffe House

Daily Mail

Face in couch



Holly's Haunted House 1

Small Town Haunting

Small Town Haunting

Walnut Farm Haunting

Ghost Passengers

Searching for Kacey

ghost face caught in window

Ghost in the mirror

Apparition caught in pub

Orb caught on camera

Orb caught on camera

Orb caught on camera

Ghost in the trees .



Devils Den

Orbs (2)

Unexplained (1)

Orbs (1)

Bike Week Daytona Beach, Florida in 1992

Pluckley Kent

2 Ghosts caught outside my house

Reculver Towers

glass moving Oast house Rainham Kent

Pluckley Kent

Demons caught on Auction TV Program

Ghost in the Kitchen

Ghost in old Farm House


Is this lens flare?

Clearing at the Denver Press Clubin 1997

Wedding Crasher May 1999 Ocala Florida

Grave Yard Ghosts


Ghost pic.

Ghost pic.

Ghost pic.

Drum Castle Ghost

Girl in back garden

Ghostly apparition captured on camera in home for sale

Backyard Ghost

Spooky face appears in photo of woman at home

Most convincing ghost picture ever taken?

Face Next to a Grave

Another Mist in the Garden

Orb in Very Active Basement

Terrified mum captures snap of evil black-eyed ghost on family day out

Creepy Ghost in a Hedge

Picture in a Cemetry

Very Active Cemetry

Cat and the Mist

Mist in the Garden

Faces in a Tree

Never Alone

Creepy Old Photo

Blue Shadow

Hawthorne Hotel Ghost

Famous Monk

Ghost on Stairs

Reflection of Boy

Slab in back garden

Face in the Window

Figure from Mums Room

Crawling Ghost

Dust on Lens?

Nephew and Daughter

The blur is her

Ghost in Fireplace

What is next to me?

Christmas Orb

What is this?

Worlton Castle Face

Boy on Grandfather

Red Face

Woman and Bulldog

Dust on Lens?

Strange Reflection

Double Glazing

Please help!!


Creepy Girl in Background

Asylum Ghost

Face in Shirts

Alcatraz Woman

Ghost in House Renovation Photo

Ghost in Background

Ghost in Window

Lady Gaga


This seat is taken!

Real or Fake?

Photo Booth App

Charlie Noonan

Police Case "Demonic Possession"

Little Girl Ghost?

Orbs in Kitchen

Can anyone see anything in this picture?

Waverly Hills

Christmas Church Orb


Found this pic

Bolt of Light and Boy

Ghost in the Woods


Ghost in Chair

Any suggestions on what this is?

Creepy Face in Cellar


Christmas Tree in Church Orb


Face in the Wardrobe

Orbs in Pics

Afterlife on Bus

Ghost in a Chair in a Nursing Home

Green Orb

Whats this?

Orb or Not?

Tall Dark Figure from Active Vicarage

Bisham Abbey Planchette Session

What's in my house?

Something Weird in my Garden

Unexplainable orb?

Pecks Cemetery, Decatur, Illinois

St Georges Day, 2011

Orb in the Kitchen


Man in Dungerees

Little Girl?

Face in the background?

Edgcombe, Cornwall

Wedding Orbs

Head of a Woman

Light or Ghost?

Face Behind Me?


Lady Figure

Hockley Heath Premier Inn

Comforted by Ghost?

Prospect Inn Exeter

Nursing Home Lady

Top of a Cave

Lickey Hills


Face between Heads?

Strange picture

1983 Pic of Cat

Face in Condensation

The Fox Inn

Girl in Door Window

Face behind Niece and Nephew

Face in the Window

Old Prison in Cornwall

Investigation at the Viaduct Tavern

Alcatraz Prison 2004

Figure in Fridge

Can you see it?

Mans Face?

Smoke or Lady?

Cheddar Gorge


Victorian Man or Woman?

Wedding Boy

Fire Faces

Walking Ghost

Woman in the Mirror

Ghost near the Bridge

Ghost in the Wardrobe


Ghost Dog

Abandoned Cottage

Paris Bridge

Pub Ghost

Snapchatting in a Car

Kids Grave

2 Girls

Fire Ghost

Bar Ghost

Party Figure

Girl Crying

Baby Face
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